To War Against Ragesia

In the Beginning...

A prelude to the Ragesian invasion of Gate Pass

The Ragesian Empire was once a great nation ruled by the Emperor Coaltongue. Wielding the powerful artifact, the Torch of the Burning Sky, the emperor had never lost a battle while conquering the neighbouring nations. But, something had failed the emperor last month when it was rumored that he had disappeared or been killed. Now Leska, the leader of the Ragesian Inquisitors, controls part of the Ragesian army and decides to launch an attack at Gate Pass. She sends out the Scourge, a decree that all harmful magic users be put to the sword. She starts with the neutral city state of Gate Pass, rightly named for it lays within a long canyon between the nations of Ragesia and the Shining Land of Shahalesti, home to most of the continent’s Eladrin.

So starts the tale of the heroes that set out to save Gate Pass and its citizens.



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